The Thompson Family – Jill, Tommy (on top), Tony, and Kevin

For the last decade, Kevin Thompson has served as the high school Bible and Civics teacher at Rock County Christian School in Beloit, WI.  He is a member of Morning Star Church in Rockford, IL where he serves in the prison ministry, assists in leading a men’s Bible study and sits on the church leadership team.

After graduating from Pensacola Christian College with a degree in Pastoral Ministries,  Kevin began teaching at South Shore Christian School and preached the mid-week services at North Baptist Church in Brockton, MA.  Eventually he became the assistant pastor there.  Job responsibilities there included pulpit supply, teaching in Sunday School, visitation, outreach, assistance in an addictions program.  He also became the principal at South Shore Christian School, a ministry of the church.

In addition to this he served two years in Stafford Springs, CT at the Galilean Baptist Church.  There he was the youth pastor and served as the director of a Christian camp hosted by GBC one week each year.

After moving to the Midwest to join the faculty at Rock County Christian, Kevin eventually was selected as an elder at Morning Star Church.  He stepped down from this position in 2015 after he took in two foster care children.  Also in 2015,

Kevin is married to Jill Thompson and is a proud father of two adopted boys, Tony and Tommy.