Together for the Gospel Notes, part 1

So a few weeks ago now I was privileged to attend the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, KY.  As I reflect back at the great messages I sat under, I thought I would open up my notebook and share a few gems with you.

Mark Dever

“Holiness is freedom; freedom from the terrible taskmaster of sin.”

“God’s righteousness if the moral core of His Character.”

“Evangelism is not selling the unsaved on benefits they already want.”

“The church is not so much about a growing number of people as it is a number of growing people.”

“Today’s sermons are preparing your people to pick tomorrow’s pastors.”

“We catechize our congregations by what we pray about.”

“Pray that the people who only pretend to believe in God get bored with it.”

“If you are not at odds with sin you are not at home with Jesus.” – John Piper

H.B. Charles

“Christianized worldliness does not make the world Christian.”

“The message of the Cross is Christ crucified.”

“The wisdom of God is found in the Word of God.”

“Man cannot think his way to God.”

David Platt

“Three Primary Offenses of the Church:  (1)  Eagerly anticipating future salvation while ignoring present sin, (2) indulging in worship while ignoring injustice and (3) carrying on their religion while refusing to repent.”

“Slavery is not a stain in history but a scar that is still healing.”


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Free E-Book – Christology by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

The fine folks at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary are making this e-book available as a free download.  It’s  a collection of expositions on the kingship of Christ by men such as H.B. Charles, Ligon Duncan, J.D. Greear and David Platt.

Download the book here.