Book Review – Cobra Kai and Sanctification

Title: Cobra Kai and Sanctification: Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.
Author: Zachary Bartels
Publisher: Gut Check Press
Publishing Year: 2018
Pages: 96
My Rating: 5 out of 5 (1 meaning I hated the book, 5 meaning I loved the book)

This book will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Basic Bible Podcast.

If Johnny Lawrence and John Owen ever collaborated on book, this would be it. Zach Bartels does a great job of weaving together your favorite scenes from the Karate Kid movies, including the new YouTube series, and sound theology. Like we learned in Cobra Kai, we must fiercely fight against sin having no mercy. The illustrations he uses are helpful and quotes from Spurgeon and Owen are sprinkled throughout. This is all accentuated by the author’s keen wit and sarcasm.

As with all Gut Check Press books, this book is parody at it’s best, but with a solid, Biblical foundation. A sense of humor is a must if you want to enjoy this read.

Here are two of my favorite sections:

“As you are being made into his image, pray that the images hitting your retinas will be processed in a Christlike way! If I’m seeing that crass, spitting, swearing, shirtless guy walking down the road as loved by God—someone for whom Christ died—then I won’t find myself judging him. If that person knocking on my office door is someone whose “sheep-without-a-shepherd” demeanor would move our Lord with compassion, I’ll be unlikely to respond with annoyance. And if that woman in the yoga pants is a dear daughter of God, whose prayers he hears and whose fears he understands, then she’s definitely not some piece of meat to be ogled or lusted after.” (Kindle Locations 255-259)

“The omnipresent Christian stock photo guy with his hands up in some stupid Ted-Talk power-pose, overlooking a breathtaking vista, has done as much damage to Christianity as Nero. That friggin’ guy. He continues to reinforce the idea that Christian spirituality is a mountain-top thing to be chased during our vacation time—an add-on module that will improve your life. It’s not. Following Jesus is something you do everywhere. Ibid worshiping Jesus, ibid killing sin.” (Kindle Locations 323-327)

Download the book here.

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