My List of Top Books of 2017

This was a difficult year to post a top 10 list of books for the year 2017.  It is not difficult because there was a lack of good books, because there were a great number of worthwhile reads that came out this year.  The problem is that of all those worthwhile reads, I didn’t read very many of them.  I’ve got to admit, I didn’t hit my reading goals this year.  However, there are a few books that come out this year that I did read and that I do want to pass along to all of you.  These are not in order.

1-3.  The Church Trilogy by Joe Thorn

The Life of the Church
The Heart of the Church
The Character of the Church

These three books are very easy to read and give a great introduction of the doctrine of Ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the Church.  This is bite-size look into the life of church, how it ought to operate and how we ought to operate within it.  Topics such as the ordinances, leadership, evangelism and preaching are unfolded in a way that anyone could understand it.  I highly recommend these books to new believers and would be a great tool to use in discipleship and new members classes.

4.  The Gospel and Adoption by Russell Moore and Andrew Walker

As you all know, I have a heart for adoption.  This book is a collection of different essays dealing with how the gospel drives us to consider adoption.  The book is both doctrinal and practical.  The first two chapters explores the Biblical doctrine of adoption and how the gospel ties in while the three remaining chapters deals more with practical application and how the church can and should get involved in creating a culture of life.

5.  The King’s Mission by J.A. White

Pastor Aaron White of the River Hills Community Church is now only a gift to his local congregation, but a gift to the Church at large as well.  He has written a number of books well worth your time to read.  Pastor White has a passion for exalting Christ, a fact obvious in every page he writes.  This book is an Advent devotional I used with my family this year.  There is a short reading for each day of Advent along with the corresponding Scripture passage. The book has not only me recommendation but also that of Tom Schreiner and Bruce Ware of Southern Theological Seminary.

6.  The Secret Battle of Ideas about God by Jeff Meyers

Worldviews is something everyone has but few actually think about.  This year I began teaching through Understanding the Times in my worldviews class which was written originally by David Nobel but recently updated by Jeff Meyers.  At a teacher’s convention this past October I was introduced to the new book by Meyers.  It’s a smaller overview of the book I’m teaching through, intended for a larger audience.  Meyers explorers several different worldviews (secularism, spiritualism, Islam, Marxism and postmodernism) and explains how approach each one Biblically.  Many Christians know what they believe but easily fall prey to false ideas.  This book is helpful as week seek to guard the flock but also challenge the culture around us.  It is most helpful in aiding Christians to think through philosophies we are bombarded with each day.


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