Life After Abuse

I wanted to take a quick second to make you all aware of a new book that has just arrived on my doorstep.  The book is entitled, Living and Loving Again:  Life after Abuse by Dr. Don Woodard.  Here’s the Amazon description:

Living and Loving Again: Life after Abuse was born out of years of ministering to people who were victims of abuse. Years ago when I was first approached for counsel by an abuse victim, I was completely unprepared to deal with the issue and was not sure how to help the lady seeking healing and guidance. Over the years I realized there was a need for a Biblical resource to minister to the abuse victim, their loved ones and those who minister to them. My prayer is that this book helps the abuse victim in their journey from victim to victor!

Dr. Woodard is a personal friend of mine who a great love for others.  He has a special desire to minister to those who have been forgotten or rejected by those who ought to be mirroring the love of Christ.  Don has been a great blessing to me during particular times of difficulty.  So, I want to make sure I help him out whenever I get the chance.  Please check out the book and consider purchasing a copy for yourself.

Purchase the book here.

Check out the book’s website here.


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