The Impact of Haddon W. Robinson

As a freshman at Gordon College, I wasn’t required to attend every chapel service. On one particular day, I decided to skip the service, I already had enough chapel credits as I recall. None of my friends were going and I had never heard of the speaker. Yet, at the last moment I decided to go. For the life of me I have no idea why. Little did I know that the man behind the pulpit had literally wrote the book on preaching. This was my introduction to Haddon Robinson. I was quite impressed with his message and had a brief moment to chat with him after. Back then I had no concept of the term “selfie,” otherwise you would see one attached to this post.

In just a few short months I would be training to preach myself and using his Biblical Preaching as a textbook. It was a huge help to a young kid who had no idea how to turn a text of Scripture into a 35-minute delivery worth hearing. It helped me turn a rambling exegesis into a coherent message with a clear point. I cannot even begin to fathom how many other young preachers that book helped. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of souls that would be effected by this man’s ministry.

It is abundantly evident that God used the life of Haddon Robinson. His impact is immeasurable. His blessing to the church will echo down the corridors of history for many years to come.

Now the Lord has called him home. Now, Haddon Robinson is face-to-face with subject of his preaching.  He has his eternal reward.  Thank you, Dr. Robinson for your passion for preaching.

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