A Quick Response to the Republican Softball Shooting

As you already know, this morning a gunman opened fire on a group of congressional Republicans practicing for an upcoming softball game.  House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in the hip and several others including policemen and staffers were also shot.  According to Senator Rand Paul (the man who should have won the GOP presidential nomination last year), if it were not for the police it would have been a massacre.  What a horrible tragedy that should have us all in sorrowful prayer.  Romans 12:15 commands us to weep with those who weep.

Yet, we cannot ignore the politics that accompany this tragedy.  We cannot ignore it because it is everywhere.  All throughout my social media pages are folks on both sides ready to attack.  On the right I’m seeing charges that this is just the natural outgrowth of the liberal hatred toward our Republican President.  The Democratic Party is to blame.  On the left, I’m seeing assertions that if we only had the gun control the GOP fights against, this would have never happened.  The Republican Party is to blame.

Let me take this moment to suggest something radical.  I mean really radical.  What if really showed this shooter (who has died) and everyone like him that such terrorism will never work.  It is clear this shooting was politically motivated.  It was meant to instill fear and create even further division.  It has fueled by hatred.  So, let’s not let this guy win. What if instead of seeing the discord in our political debate, we did the exact opposite.  What if instead, just to really stick it to him, we see an unparalleled level of bipartisanship never before seen in our nation’s history?  Greater than WWII or even the days after 911.

Imagine, what if just for the remainder of this month (2 weeks)…

…Congressman of both parties, along with the President, worked together to pass every piece of legislation that they can possibly agree upon and temporarily put aside more controversial bills?  (Such legislation does exist, it just doesn’t make the news.)

…Social Media debates disappeared temporarily as people of differing opinions sought instead to understand the position of those they disagree with?

…We all agreed to say something positive about our country and each other each day?

…Everyone sought to knock on door of your neighbor just to say hello?

…Police were thanked for their difficult job even though we may not agree with every action they take?

…People actually sought to meet and shake hands with their locally elected officials and then dared to get to know that individual as an actual person and not just a target of criticism? (Or even discover who they are)

…Christians made it a point to sincerely pray for their most hated politician?

It would only be for two weeks.  That’s it.  Imagine what kind of difference that would make.  On July 1 we could get back to fighting out our differences and debating our various points of view.  Wouldn’t that be incredible?  It’s probably impossible, but a guy can dream – can’t he?  Then again, looking at this tweet, maybe…


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