This and That 06-03-17

The Ninth Commandment and the Pain of Social Media – This doesn’t mean you need to share every heartache on Twitter, confess every sin or struggle publicly, or only post selfies when you’re having a bad hair day. But it does mean we should be real—we should be truthful. And it’s not always the perfectly framed moments, it’s what we say in the caption that creates the illusion. The ninth commandment is far reaching and ought to be considered before grabbing the worldwide microphone of social media. – Nathan W. Bingham

Has the Gospel-Centered Pendulum Swung Too Far? – We read the Bible because we want to apply Scripture to our lives; we all want to come away changed. We shouldn’t swing over and high-five Pelagius, assuming we can all change ourselves; neither should we swing over into a hard determinism in which our original sin makes “meaningful if imperfect obedience” (gold! gold!) impossible. Noah and Simeon were not sinless, but they still received “praise from God” (1 Cor 4:5) for their moral uprightness. – Mark Ward

Christians, Repent (Yes, Repent) of Spreading Conspiracy Theories and Fake News—It’s Bearing False Witness – People love to speculate on hidden meanings or to jump at the potential of juicy secrets. Unfortunately, when these things are unfounded, lies are told and people are hurt. And most unfortunately, Christians are often involved in perpetuating them.  And now I noticed that many of the same conservative Christians who shared about #pizzagate have been spreading the #SethRich conspiracy theory. And it’s time to call it out. – Ed Stetzer


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