This and That – 04-08-17

10 Things Sexual Assault Victims Want You to Know – Perhaps most compelling were the comments I received regarding the role of believers in people’s abuse experiences. Some of the notes were critical: “As someone who came from abuse, and who came to faith later in life, I expect Christian men and the church to take these issues seriously, and when they don’t, it feels like a deep betrayal,” one victim told me. Another person reported that “perpetrators often tell their victims it’s their fault, so for the church (or anyone) to add to that is especially damaging.” – Karen Swallow Prior

How to Listen to a Sermon – Engage the text with curiosity. Rather than simply listening to the preacher’s words, join him in exploring the text, discovering its meaning, and considering its application. This is the difference between passive and active listening. To help with this, have a pen in your hand. Circle, underscore, and highlight key phrases in the Bible passage. Take notes on the handout provided. Stay curious. – Daryl Crouch


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