This and That – 03-25-17

9 Things That Are Still Great About Facebook – Facebook Exposes Things You Wouldn’t Otherwise See… True, sometimes there are things you get exposed to that you wish you hadn’t. At other times, though, you may find your world expanded positively. – Cheryl Magness

10 Mistakes Churches Make with Special Needs Families – I have much to learn in this area and even while preparing for this seminar I felt convicted about how much more we should be doing in our own congregation. Here’s what I put together for the webcast. I hope it will serve the church and special needs families by identifying areas for growth and action. – David Murray

To the Unknown Pastor – While we all want to complain about the state of the Church, and in many cases rightfully so, I think it’s helpful to remember, as God told Elijah so long ago, that there are many men around the country and around the world who faithfully shepherd their congregations, joyfully counsel them, diligently prepare and spend as many hours preparing for sermons that they will preach to a couple dozen people as others do to thousands, and please their Savior through their joyful attitude throughout. – Jordan Standridge


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