This and That – 03-18-17

Don’t Be “That Guy” at Church – Another one to watch out for is the Sermon Corrector. This person takes it upon themselves to pick the nits out of every awkward illustration, slip of the tongue, or mis-remembered Scripture reference. They have a special ability to isolate the one aspect of a metaphor that wasn’t intended, and have developed a remarkable immunity to having a sense of proportion. – CJ Bowen

Should We Give Money to the Poor Even When There’s a Risk of Waste or Misuse? – Of course, all these commands to give generously do not negate the need for us to also give wisely. There are important characteristics to look for in any ministry you might choose to support. (These are 19 questions I encourage people to ask before giving to any ministry. An abbreviated version is also available.) But I strongly object to what I’ve heard a number of people say: “I no longer give to relief work since it’s all a waste.” That’s simply untrue. Some waste is always a possibility but “it’s all a waste” is a gross overstatement that ends up justifying lack of generosity and even spiritualizing materialism—“Since it won’t really help others, I’ll just spend it all on myself.” – Randy Alcorn



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