This and That – 03-11-17

Politics & Relationships: A Plea for Reasonable Civility – Understand that politically conservative Christians and politically progressive Christians often believe opposite things but also believe that the issues of righteousness are so important that they must speak out. – Joshua Pegram

Cheap Grace is No Grace at All – Any so-called “grace” that leaves a man a slave to his sin is really no grace at all. Why? Because grace isn’t merely deliverance from judgment. It is deliverance from what makes us worthy of judgment. – Denny Burk

Beware of ‘Preacher Eater’ Churches – The pastor’s family is not supported. I had this conversation with a pastor recently. He said, “I had to leave the church because they were so mean to my family. If my wife did not show up when they demanded she did, they talked about her incessantly. And they had expectations of my kids they never expect of their own.” – Thom Rainer



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