This and That – 03-04-17

Why the American South Would Have Killed Charles Spurgeon – In 1860, an article entitled “Mr. Spurgeon and the American Slaveholders” offered the following words: “Southern Baptists will not, hereafter, when they visit London, desire to commune with this prodigy of the 19th century. We venture the prophecy that his books in [the] future will not crowd the shelves of our Southern book merchants. They will not; they should not.” In 1889, Spurgeon uttered a prophecy of his own: “For my part, I am quite willing to be eaten of dogs for the next 50 years; but the more distant future shall vindicate me.” – Christian George

The Shack – Impressions – Anyone who is strongly influenced by the imaginative world of The Shack will be totally unprepared for the far more multi-dimensional and complex God that you actually meet when you read the Bible. – Tim Keller

Symptoms of Legalism:  Playing the Spiritual Comparison Game – Yeah. I’m not so sure about that. How often have we said, “Lord, I thank you that I…”

– Don’t parent like that person.
– Don’t school my children like them.
– Don’t arrive late at church every week like that family.
– Don’t spend my money like him.
– Serve more frequently than her.
– Don’t watch the same movies as them.
– Keep myself in better shape than him.
– And on and on and on… – Stephen Altrogge


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