You’re Offended, Now What?

I’ve been offended by quite a bit of things in my life. That’s a good thing. On Facebook alone, I’ve been offended at many things I’ve seen and read. These times I’ve been offended have led to several different situations.

Sometimes it’s led to the end of a friendship. That offense showed me this is not the type of person or influence I need in my life at the moment. That’s healthy from time-to-time.

Sometimes it’s led me to think through a particular view I’ve held. After considering the view, I’ve thought about different ways to communicate my thoughts in a better, more understandable way. In the end, it actually strengthened my belief. It made me an even more fierce advocate and helped me see how much more I need to fight and how much people need to know the truth.

Sometime it’s led me to be so angry that I knew there was something wrong to evoke such a strong reaction in me. I turned out to be wrong. I was offended because it revealed a weakness I never want to admit. In those cases, I’ve had to repent and change my views. That’s never easy but always necessary.

So, you got offended at something you read or something you’ve seen. Great. So what are you going to do about it?


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