This and That 01-07-16

I’m Offended! By Easily-Offended Christians – Here’s something we never hear, but should. “Hey, those Christians never seem to get upset, no matter what we throw at them, but they’re really angry about how many kids in our city are going to bed hungry tonight. Maybe we should listen and help them change things.” – Karl Vaters

Quit Looking For Your Soulmate, Because He/She Isn’t Out There – The good news, however, is that in marriage God gives us someone far better than a soulmate. He gives us the person who is exactly right for us. He gives us the husband or wife who will help us become more like Jesus Christ. Sometimes that’s a painful process for both spouses. It doesn’t feel “soulmate-ish”. When Jen is confronted with my selfishness, it hurts her. When she corrects me, it stings. But in the midst of that process, God helps Jen grow in being patient and helps me grow in being unselfish. – Stephen Altrogge


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