You Can’t Forgive Yourself

My friend Jim Oakley posted a great article on his blog last week.  It’s just so good and so needed that I wanted to make special mention of it and not just dump it in with my usual weekly links worth checking out post on Saturday.

How many times have you either heard someone say they have finally forgiven themselves for something or perhaps told someone they needed to forgive themselves for something they have done?  Pastor Jim rightly suggests this is not a Biblical approach to the subject.  He writes,

You won’t find a command in scripture to “forgive yourself” because it’s not Biblical! If it’s not Biblical, then where did it come from? I’ve heard it preached from pulpits, but is it possible that this is just a cultural misunderstanding of God’s grace. Call it a human counselor’s poor advice, but don’t call it Gospel truth.

He then proceeds to give four, rock-solid points to prove his thesis.   Following these points are some great gospel-saturated, applicable truths to help people struggling with their past sin.  It’s something you really need to read for yourself.

Read Jim’s post here.


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