Farewell to A Friend and Sound Advice for 2017


Like many others, 2016 was a rough year for me.  However, there will be a few things I will miss.  Top on that list would be my two grandparents I lost that year.  Somewhere else on that list would be the ministry of Pastor David King.

This morning, Pastor David King preached his final message at Christ Presbyterian Church in Beloit, WI.  It’s been a privilege to get to know Pastor King during the past decade.  He’s not a flashy man but one who is dedicated to the authority and ministry of God’s Word.   In a day where many are guilty of compromise and wavering, Pastor King stands out one who still stands for and proclaims the great doctrines of the faith.  Perhaps the greatest testimony he has is the quality of people I know who have sat under his ministry.  They point to his faithfulness to Christ.

We’ve have several good conversations over the years, mostly over doctrinal and political issues.  Up to this point, he has still not convinced me of infant baptism and I’ve not convinced him of my third party political views.  It was always a joy to have him preach in my chapel services and teach in my classroom.

Brother King, you will be missed.  I wish you the best in your retirement.

I’ll end this post where the Janesville Gazette ended its profile of him in this morning’s paper – Pastor David King’s advice for 2017:

“Read the news, but don’t be surprised at the awful things sinful human beings do,” King said. “Remember God is the one to trust. He is advancing his kingdom in the world whether we see it or not. We need to stay focused on Christ and what we can do to help people in the name of Christ.”

Wise words.  Please go and read the rest of the profile here.

Here’s a chapel message he preached for me a few years ago:


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