Free Book – The Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthur

gospel-according-to-paulThe fine folks at Grace to You, for a limited time only, are giving away the Gospel According to Paul for free.  This is not an e-book but a physical copy!  This is one of the many reasons I appreciate the ministry of John MacArthur…

Here’s a description of the book:

John MacArthur’s best seller The Gospel According to Jesus shook the evangelical world. Why? It called the church to consider how it had lost sight of what it means to follow Christ—that it means yielding to Him as Lord. The follow-up book, The Gospel According to the Apostles, answered criticisms to the first book, showing that the concept of “Christ as Lord” was central to the gospel the apostles preached.

Now, John’s newest book, The Gospel According to Paul, takes what you know about the good news even further. No one did more than Paul to help people understand the gospel. This look at the gospel as Paul proclaimed it will ignite your heart with the truth of Jesus Christ crucified, buried, risen, and ascended—the most uplifting truth in the universe.

Sign up for your free copy here.


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